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We offer a few different options when it comes to how to pay for classes! See below for description and pricing.



*beginner bungee required prior to attending Level 1 or Fit classes


Beginner Bungee

This is the perfect place to start out! Whether you are new to working out, or looking to spice up your regular fitness routine, Beginner Bungee is the perfect place for you. In this class you will learn the basics and footwork for our skills.


Fitness lover? Like to sweat? Love to feel the burn? This is the class for you. We push the boundaries in the bungee and are face paced the whole class! Beginner bungee is required before taking this class so you have the concept of our skills!

Level 1 Bungee

Ready for something more? This class builds off skills learned in Beginner Bungee and is music lead to keep your heartrate up, and feet moving! There is less repetition of footwork and more advancing skills. Level 1 is fun filled, fast paced, and has a lot of cardio!

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